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Welcome to our products page.
We are proud to partner with only the best manufacturers of hydronic heating components. Click any of the logos to the right to visit our quality vendors.

Caution -
The Internet is a wild and wooly new place to do business in America. For example, right now you and I are communicating without ever meeting but, the Internet can also be a very dangerous place. In the radiant heating field, there are Internet companies selling material and alleged expertise directly to homeowners, telling them how easy radiant heating is to do, how much cheaper they can do it, how they can use water heaters instead of boilers, how they can use cheaper tubing... The list goes on and on. Please be very careful, it is not as easy they pretend. They have figured out how to get every search engine on the internet to list them first. This does not mean their products are appropriate or that they are will last. The companies listed on this site are established and reputable companies in the hydronics industry and they will be around before, during and after your system is installed.

Mini-Duct Heating &Cooling


Pumps and pump systems for heating, cooling and air-conditioning technology

Double Wall Oil Tanks, Radiant Heating Systems and PEX Plumbing Systems

Specialist in manufacturing design
and energy efficient radiators

A selection of 250 pipe support products for all types of piping systems

hydronic alternatives
Radiators/Baseboards/ & More

Insulated Floor Panel system




comfortable heat

Richard Trethewey
Radiant Revisited




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