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Frustrated by the lack of standards and quality control in hot water heating and cooling systems, a group of competing and independent contractors, wholesalers and manufacturers decided it was time for a change. We formed the Hydronic Heating Association to set industry standards, educate contractors, and inform the public about the benefits of having a quality hot water system installed. After seeing too many poorly installed heating and cooling systems, we wanted to promote the latest standards of technology with our pride and tradition of having the best workmanship.

We thought it was time that homeowners received the best value for their money because the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of the low price is forgotten.


Comfortable News...
Energy Costs Up, Energy Cost Down...(pdf)
(check out this recent article of interest)
"Modern hydronics offers customers relief from high heating costs."

12 Commandments of Comfort (pdf)
(heating do's and don'ts for maximizing comfort)

Recent Project ... (pdf)
(see a project from one of our members)
 "Hunnewell Mansion / James Devaney Fuel Company"

Archives of Articles, Essays & Projects
(useful information on HVAC)
Energy White Paper (pdf)
(check out this recent article of interest)
This paper is from the Energy Dept of the British Government. It is an amazing and comprehensive document that addresses what Britain, and really the whole world, should do to move towards a low carbon economy.










comfortable heat

Richard Trethewey
Radiant Revisited




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